We specialize in innovative OFF-GRID products + BACK-UP system design

Power Pak Off-Grid System in a Box

Power Pak v3

Our best-selling complete Off-Grid System In-a-Box to power your home and cottage!

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Emergency Back-up System


An Emergency Back-up System that is also an easy setup for the off-grid DIY'er!

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Microgreen is bringing its clean energy innovative products POWER PAK + EBS to West Africa!

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We design SOLAR + STORAGE power systems for commercial applications

Public Transit Application

Transit & Trucks

Reduce GHG emissions.
Save fuel & operating cost.
Modular Home + cottage

Cottages & Modular Homes

DIY green power. Compact & easy to install. Pays for itself in as little as 30 months.

Marine & Mobile Solar Products

Marine & Recreational Vehicle

Compact & freedom from grid. Green branding.





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