Telecom Solutions

Sustainable power for 5G networks & IDCs
Reducing costs and emissions with Lithium batteries and energy management

Lithium battery micro cells
Lithium battery for telecom base stations

Benefits of using lithium batteries in the UPS for radio base stations and Internet Data Centers (IDC).

  • Longer lifetime
  • Real-time monitoring to improve quality of network services
  • Save more from lower utility bill
  • Minimized grid impact by 5G services
  • Reduced weight - 2/3 weight reduction!
  • Reduced physical size - free up valuable space
  • Reduced end-to-end cost of powering telecom equipment
  • Reduced GHG emissions

Challenges facing Telecoms

With the rollout of 5G, telecom network expansion requires an extremely high density of base stations, on the order of 10 x when compared with 4G.

A key component of the base stations is the UPS, which traditionally has been powered by AGM-batteries which are costly to maintain, heavy and bulky.

Reducing the carbon footprint in the fight against climate change is now a priority.

Microgreen Solutions

Microgreen's proprietary design allows advanced lithium ion batteries to replace the AGM battery in a plug-and-play manner.

This reduces the size and weight of the power system for both the base stations and switching/data centres, saving real estate as well as maintenance costs due to the superior lifetime of lithium batteries.

Our intelligent energy management delivers energy cost savings by using rate arbitrage.

Example of the UPS designed by Microgreen for the radio network

Microgreen solutions providing sustainable power for telecom radio network