Power solutions for marine
More power, less weight at lower cost!

When you are boating, and on water, you need power that will keep your communication systems, appliances, and entertainment running for as long as you are away from the shore.

You also need a durable system that doesn't add excess weight, and fits into your boat.

And you may need convenient and green options for charging up your system to provide you with peace of mind when you're far from the shore, knowing that even if your engine breaks down, you'll always have power.

Lithium battery to power your communications systems and appliances.

block diagram illustrating Energy Pak lithium battery powering appliances in marine or RVs

Microgreen's custom lithium batteries have numerous advantages over AGM lead acid:

  • faster charging, so you're ready to go with minimal waiting time
  • significantly lighter, so less drag on your boat
  • higher output to power demanding appliances
  • longer lifetime, more than 4000 charges
  • higher quality battery cells (CATL), saving you money and time in the long run.

Lithium is ideal for a new installation or as a replacement for existing lead acid batteries

Microgreen's Energy Pak has Safety features:

  • Proprietary battery management system prevents overcharging, overheating, and comes with optional low temperature charging down to -20°C
  • No-spark design for safe operating in engine rooms where fuel vapour is present

Microgreen also supplies the inverters enabling you to plug-in and use your appliances with battery power

A complete off-grid system with the PowerPak + EnergyPak

Diagram illustrating Microgreen Energy pak lithium battery for mobile power

Besides storage, Microgreen also supplies the parts necessary to connect multiple energy sources to the batteries.

With the Power Pak, an all-in-one integrated inverter charger system, you get options to charge your batteries from the grid, a generator, or solar panels. In addition, you have all the parts needed, to connect to your devices.

Going off-grid has never been easier, faster, and less costly! Simply install the Power Pak, connect it to batteries, and solar panels and you are ready to go.

Power Pak gives reliable and efficient power allowing you to survive off-grid: you have guaranteed power even if your engine breaks down, and it's a green and cost-effective way to charge your batteries. At the same time, the Power-Pak gives you the flexibility to do charging from the grid, a back-up generator, or even your engine.

The Power Pak can connect to a variety of solar panels from many manufacturers.
Microgreen also supplies solar panels specifically designed for moving vehicles, both flexible and semi-flexible panels.

Customization options tailored for your craft or vehicle

Solar & storage customized systems to fit your power requirements

Microgreen specializes in customizing systems to fit your vehicle and power requirements, from the design of the system, to the layout and packaging of the batteries. We have our own production and design team that creates and tests our installations. We have thousands of our installations in the field.

After a professional analysis of your specific needs, a system is designed to fit your purpose with exact functionality and efficiency! We take care of all the details from inverter placement, charge controller, DC disconnect and battery cables all wired onto your new board.

Email us or contact us. We would be happy to assist you in designing your system

Advanced features

Energy Pak lithium battery management system monitors power level.

You also get state-of-the-art features:

  • monitoring of power level and consumption and reports
  • Remote connectivity and control

Quick view of Microgreen products for marine and RV power

Energy Pak 3 kWh lithium battery

Microgreen Energy Pak 3 kWh
- lithium battery designed for boat power and RVs

Power Pak MINI model to power marine and RVs

Microgreen Power Pak MINI
- off-grid solar integration box designed for marine and RVs

Semi flexible solar panels for marine boats & RVs

Semi flexible solar panels
- 55W - 110W high efficiency flexible solar moduces

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