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Innovations in Green Energy

Microgreen’s focus

Our Solar+Storage Products

Climate change from human-generated carbon emissions is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

At Microgreen we strive to help in the fight against climate change by delivering solutions to enable the switch to low-carbon energy sources. Our solutions are designed and manufactured in Canada for Canada’s climate.

We design, manufacture, and distribute systems for solar generation and energy storage, for stationary and mobile applications. We make customized lithium battery packs for building electric vehicles and supporting the EV charging infrastructure.

We make it easy to adopt green technologies with customized service, years of experience, a growing network of partners, and cost-effective solutions. Our products are designed for safety by complying with UL & CSA certifications, as well as being “Plug & Play” for ease of installation and minimum maintenance.

Partnering with CATL

CATL world-leading battery technology

Microgreen brings CATL's world-leading technilogy in lithium batteries to our made-in-Canada green solutions.

Our energy storage solutions are built with lithium batteries from CATL to deliver quality and reliability. We use the latest technology to provide long operating life, safety, and high energy density. This gives our customers the best ROI for their green energy solutions and electric transports.

Partnering with Growatt

Our partnership with Growatt, # 1 in market share worldwide for residential inverters, has expanded Microgreen’s product portfolio to the grid-tie sector. Customers across Canada can now purchase both off-grid and grid-tie solar & storage solutions from Microgreen.

Together with Growatt, Microgreen makes going solar easier and more economical than ever.

A History of Innovation

Innovation in Solar + Storage

Microgreen is an innovator in the green energy space. Experience, expertise and creativity is our strength. Our innovation has brought to the market cost-effective solutions to address rapidly changing market demands. We continuously provide products for the deployment of green energy solutions.

In 2018, we saw a need to make going off-grid easier, and created the Power Pak as a unique plug-and-play product, integrating all components in a single box. It is certified to UL and CSA standards, making it safe and affordable.

In 2020, we saw the need for reliable storage that would be more economical and cleaner on the environment in the long term. So we developed the Energy Pak as a safe lithium-based storage that can be used in homes, cabins, boats and RVs.

In 2021, Microgreen developed battery packs for specialty EVs to support Canada’s mandate for electrifying transport. We combine our design experience and supply-chain capabilities with manufacturing facilities in Ontario to create made-in-Canada battery packs. Our battery packs also work for green retrofits of industrial vehicle fleets, which we are developing currently

Supply chain support for customers

solar and storage applications

We specialize in the supply chain of low-volume high-mix green energy solutions. Microgreen has been recognized for bringing cost-effective solutions for green energy and EV battery packs. Customers rely on our Just-In-Time delivery to minimize their cost of ownership. Our supply chain partnerships allow us to reduce lead times and minimize supply chain disruptions for our customers. Customers’ supply chain risk is minimized.

Leadership Team

Lewis Reford, Chairman & Deputy CEO of Microgreen Solar Corp.

Lewis Reford

Chairman of the Board

Lewis Reford heads the mandate of corporate strategy & growth vision at Microgreen.

He has over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. He has served as the CEO of Schneider Power Inc. (listed on the TSXV in 2008, acquired by a US strategic buyer in 2010), and also the CEO of Reservoir Capital Corp. He has publicly listed corporate board experience including Reservoir Capital (CSE: REO), Gazit America (TSX: GAA), and Schneider Power (TSXV: SNE).

Before working in the renewable energy sector, Lewis Reford held many roles in corporate finance and in an advisory capacity, as CEO of MGI Securities (2006-07), a full-service Canadian brokerage firm, and as Managing Director of J.P. Morgan Securities (1998-2005) in New York and Toronto. He started his career in the oil & gas industry in the 1980’s working for Total SA in Paris and London.

Lewis Reford holds a degree in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

RK Hong, CEO of Microgreen Solar Corp.

R.K. Hong


RK Hong is a seasoned entrepreneur with a unique ability to integrate technical expertise with vision, and bring innovations to new markets. He has 20 years of experience in international businesses in Asia/Europe/North America, in telecommunications, in healthcare and in power infrastructure.

He held business development roles in Deutsche Telekom group and Teco Electric & Machinery Group. He also held consulting positions in the areas of large-scale project management, product development, and marketing strategy for many Global Fortune 500 companies, including Deutsche Telekom, Bell Canada International, Corning, Dassault, Amcor, and Formosa Plastics.

R.K. Hong holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Davy Hung VP Product Development & Supply Chain of Microgreen Solar Corp.

Davy Hung

Vice President, Product Development & Supply Chain

Davy Hung oversees engineering development and supply chain at Microgreen. With 15 years in solar & storage, networking, software development, he ensures that Microgreen products achieve the cost/performance target and meet the safety certification requirements. Davy delivers on our mission to have a payback period of under 5 years for Microgreen's products.

Davy Hung holds a MASc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.