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Innovative solutions in Solar + Storage

What we do and how we do it

Our Products

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable solutions to meet the world's demand for off-grid power and for reducing emissions. We do it by designing, manufacturing, and distributing systems for solar energy generation and energy storage. We support buildings/homes/cottages as well as mobile/transportation applications.

Microgreen has built up 10 years of experience in this Solar + Storage domain, and have over 3,000 successful installations.

Microgreen has developed its competence for bringing to market exceptional Solar + Storage products and solutions by:

  • Design & integration that uses the state-of-the-art components
  • Prototype testing, quality-controlled production and flexible supply chain management
  • Commercializing innovations from R&D centres into the market place
  • End-to-end product delivery from design to after-sales service

Innovations, research & development

Innovation in Solar + Storage

We continue to develop new and useful products for the growing and evolving green industry. Microgreen commercializes innovations, taking products from R&D to the consumer marketplace.

Our innovations and design work are conducted in Canada. We have our own internal team of hardware and software designers, and project managers.

We have also formed R&D partnerships with University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Centennial College, and multinational corporations.

We focus our innovation on enhancing energy density and efficiency, increasing reliability, while decreasing end-to-end cost.

Meeting customers' needs in solar + storage

solar and storage applications

Our partnerships with key players in the green power industry, combined with our experienced internal team, enable us to combine technologies in innovative ways to meet customers’ needs in Solar + Storage. We service consumer and DIY applications, as well as large-scale industrial/commercial infrastructures, using technologies applicable to both applications, as well as creating scalable solutions.

Microgreen's products and solutions serve these broad customer needs:

  • Turnkey solutions for off-grid solar power, to get away from unstable grid power, or to eliminate expensive delivery charges
  • Key components for DIY installations
  • Emergency back-up power, relying on efficient storage systems
  • Scalable system- and storage-size to suit load requirements

And specifically, these are the applications that we serve:

  • Off-grid and back-up power for farms, agricultural buildings, cottages & modular homes
  • Auxiliary power for recreational vehicles, marine and transit buses
  • Reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions for transit buses, service fleets and trucks, via anti-idling electrification and storage systems
  • Charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Green power for telephone networks

Delivering VALUE to our customers

deliver solar and storage capabilities

By providing innovative products in the solar + storage space, we deliver great value and capabilities to our customers:

  • Reliable power for those with no grid availability or an unstable grid, plus cost savings by cutting excessive grid delivery and power charges
  • Emergency back-up power that is fuel-free and noise free
  • Reduced carbon emissions and green branding
  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness, especially in integrated systems, which results in a payback period of under 5 years

Quality, reliability and services

quality, reliability and services in solar and storage solutions

We value quality, reliability and customer service.

Microgreen products are designed in Canada and certified to UL and CSA standards

At our Customer Service Center located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, we not only provide after-sales service but also carry inventory for customers' immediate fulfillment of components.

We provide personalized service and project-management for specialized development and applications.