Large-scale Storage Solutions

High capacity lithium battery storage for Canada’s climate

CATL EnerOne | serviced by MICROGREEN for outdoor lithium-ion battery storage system that is powerful, flexible and with long service life.

Microgreen provides intelligent EV charging solutions to extend vehicle battery life, and makes charging possible in remote regions.

Outdoor lithium-ion battery cabinet

CATL EnerOne | serviced by MICROGREEN

Power & flexibility for outdoor applications

High energy density provides high capacity for its footprint. Wide range of outputs allowing for multiple applications

Long service life

Temperature regulated to extend battery life, LFP chemistry

Harsh weather-ready

Designed for Outdoor use in Canada, operates from -30 to +55 C in a corrosion resistant container

High safety level

UL9540A/UL1973 certified and extensively tested for ruggedness and safety LFP chemistry provides thermal stability

UL safety certification UL1950A Safety Certification
EV charging with battery diagnostics

Intelligent charging to improve battery life

EV charging station

Proactive maintenance of vehicle batteries

Microgreen's charging solution measures the battery state of health (SOH) which enables proactive maintenance of EV batteries, thereby resulting in greatly improved operating life of electric vehicles.

Avoid costly grid upgrades

Microgreen containerized energy storage system solves the problem of costly grid upgrades for the mass deployment of charging stations. The system can interface directly to high-output charging stations and can be powered by the standard grid or by solar power.

Reliable & safe

Designed for reliability and safety to endure harsh environments and rugged deployments.