We offer both lithium ion batteries and lead acid batteries:

How do I choose the right type of battery?

Microgreen offers both lead acid and lithium ion batteries. Among lead acid batteries,

  • Use a lead acid battery when low upfront cost is important and space and weight considerations are secondary.
    • Flooded are most cost-effective up front but require maintenance and ventilation.
    • AGM batteries require neither maintenance nor ventilation.
  • Use a lithium battery when long lifespan is important, where systems need to be light and compact, and where environmental considerations are more critical.

We design lithium battery systems for specialized needs , such as:

  • anti-idling in transit and heavy duty vehicles;
  • powering marine and RVs;
  • taking cottages and modular homes off-grid with solar power.
  • emergency back-up systems for cottages and modular homes.

We customize the Battery Management System (BMS) that comes with the lithium battery. This ensures the safe operation of the battery in different usage scenarios.

For more information on batteries, see the FAQ page, or contact us.