Our customers come to us with special requirements for power rating and energy capacity for their battery systems. For example, some customers need 12V systems with very high current, while other customers need high voltage systems with low current.

Microgreen specializes in building lithium battery systems customized to any specification. Microgreen has a variety of battery cells that can be combined in different series/parallel configurations to create the right power rating and energy capacity for the application.


These are some examples of applications we have customized batteries for:

  • anti-idling in transit and heavy duty vehicles;
  • powering marine and RVs;
  • taking cottages and modular homes off-grid.

Battery Management System (BMS)

We customize the Battery Management System (BMS) that comes with the lithium battery system. This ensures the safe operation of the battery in different usage scenarios. The BMS protects the battery from overcharging, exceeding current limits, etc., thereby extending the lifetime of the battery.

Find out how the Customized Lithium Batteries can save you money

Examples of customized lithium batteries

12V Custom Lithium Battery

12 V - 200 AH (2.4 kWH of energy)

12V Custom Lithium Battery

12 V - 240 AH (2.88 kWH of energy)

24V Custom Lithium Battery

24 V - 240 AH (5.76 kWH of energy) with heatpad