Off-grid solutions for cottages, cabins, and homes
We make it easy for you to go off-grid

Microgreen's POWER PAK plug-&-play solar power system is the simplest way to go off grid.

  • Step 1. Mount a Power Pak
  • Step 2. Connect solar panels and batteries
    and you are ready to go!

Why go off-grid with a Power Pak?

Compare the Power Pak to the conventional approach. Here's a quick look at their differences.

Quick + simple way to go off-grid.

Power Pak has all the components you need and is ULc approved for safety. No more hooking up separate charge controllers, inverters, multiple connectors, fuses, and cables.

Saves you money. Cuts your electricity bills.

You can save on the initial grid connection (in the tens of thousands of dollars), and also save on the monthly connection fees (around $200/month) for cottagers in Canada. In the long run, the Power Pak system can pay for itself.

Affordable electricity in remote locations.

Power Pak enpowers you to build your cabin or cottage in remote locations where the grid is unreliable or unavailable.

GREEN LIVING. Cuts your carbon footprint.

Power Pak provides a green low emissions solution.

Designed-in-Canada. For Canadian weather.

Compete Off-grid kits available here

Installing the Power Pak is EASY

Check out the 11-minute overview and the 5-minute installation video.


The Power Pak can be used for different purposes.

as an off-grid system

as a hybrid system
Use solar panels as the main power source, and keep the grid connected as a back-up power source

as a back-up to the grid
Use the grid as the main power source and the power pak as a back up to unreliable grid connection.

Power Pak off-grid solar system block diagram


The Power Pak provides 2 ways to back-up your solar power.

Either hook up a diesel generator to keep batteries charged when the sun goes down.

Or hook up the grid as secondary power. Eliminate the cost and noise of a back-up generator!

A customer testimonial

My house in the Bahamas is in the middle of the devastation caused by hurricane Dorian last year, and grid power is still not available today… I shipped the Power Pak along with a few solar panels down there and that absolutely changed our lives.

It was very simple to hook the Power Pak up to our existing electrical panel, turning off the main breaker first and eliminating the potential grid connection, and becoming off grid. The advice and assistance we received from Microgreen was second to none. I would like to say how satisfied I am with the purchase of my Microgreen 4KW Power Pak.
- Denis Beauchesne
Hope Town, on Elbow Cay, Bahamas
A customer testimonial

What a customer says about Microgreen solar panels and off-grid system design for his needs.
Denis' house - after hurricane Dorian, the grid power was taken out on Aug. 31, 2019 and is still not available on the island on April 26, 2020, according to Denis.
What a customer says about Microgreen solar panels and off-grid system design for his needs.
Solar panels were shipped and installed to provide power.
A customer testimonial for an offgrid solar system custom designed for his specific needs

Microgreen Power Pak COMPACT 4 kW solar system integration box installed by Denis. The system has been expanded to handle extra solar panels by adding an extra charge controller.

See the Power Pak installed for some of our customers

Installation of Microgreen Power Pak plug-&-play solar system to go off-grid

Photo of a Power Pak off-grid system installed in a cottage in Ontario
Power Pak Version 3
Photo of a Power Pak off-grid system installed in Ontario
Power Pak Version 3
Photo of a Power Pak off-grid system installed in a Greater Toronto Area cottage
Power Pak Version 2

Installation of Microgreen Solar Panels on cottage roofs

Image of Microgreen solar panel installed on roof of cottage
Image of Microgreen solar panel installation
Image of Microgreen solar panel installed on roof

Installation of Microgreen Backup Pak emergency power for cottages

Photo of an installed Microgreen emergency back up system inside a cottage

Quick view of Microgreen products for off-grid cabins, cottages and homes

Image of Microgreen Power Pak complete off-grid solar system

Microgreen Power Pak GRANDE
Off-grid solar integration box designed for homes
Off-grid solar integration box designed for cottages

285 watt solar panel

Solar Panels & System Kits
Highly efficient panels, also availabe in low-cost complete system kits. Includes all the parts you need to go off-grid:

  • solar panels
  • Power Pak system
  • battery
  • and accessories.

Microgreen Backup Pak emergency power

Microgreen Backup Pak emergency power
A new generation back-up system that can operate like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to power your home during a blackout.

Microgreen Energy Pak lithium batteries - 6 kWh

Microgreen Energy Pak Lithium Batteries
Lithium battery system designed to provide homes or cottages with more energy storage at lower cost.

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