Off-grid solutions for cottages & homes
Looking to go off-grid? Need a back-up system? Microgreen has the solutions!

Go off-grid in ONE day!

Taking a home or cottage off-grid can be a daunting task, but Microgreen makes it easy for you!

Microgreen has created a solar power integration box called the Power Pak. It the simplest and most cost effective way to go off grid:

  • Step 1. Mount a Power Pak
  • Step 2. Connect solar panels and batteries
    - and you are ready to go!

Gone are the days of hooking up separate charge controllers, inverters, multiple connectors, fuses, and cables. And no worries about safety, and meeting regulatory requirements, as the box contains all the components you need and is ESA certified.

Why go off-grid? Why do you need a Power Pak?

There are many benefits of being off-grid

You save on both the logistics and fees for connecting to the grid. Cottagers in Canada typically pay $150 - $200 each month to the utility company just to keep the power connected, before they even use a single kWh. Even if they don’t use their cottage all winter long, they still have to pay the monthly delivery charge.

Using an off-grid power system also gives you options for where you build your cottage or modular home, allowing you to locate where the grid is unreliable or even unavailable.

In today's changing climate, it provides a green low emissions solution.

Why use Power Pak complete off-grid solar system?

Microgreen’s Power Pak solar system kit gives cottagers the most economical means to go off-grid and save those utility charges. In less than 3 years, they typically achieve enough savings to cover the full cost of the Power Pak and can additionally save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Going off-grid has never been easier. With sizes available from 3 kW to 10 kW, Microgreen has a solution for every cottage.

Installation is EASIER than you think

Installing Power Pak off-grid solar system is easy, simple, safe and secure!

Please view the installation video to see how easy and simple it is. It will take only 5 mins.

download guide Download the installation manual

download manual Download the Power Pak user manual

Configuration options to fit your needs

Power Pak off-grid solar system block diagram

Besides being a simple cost-effective solution, the Power Pak is also designed with flexibility in mind.

  • It can be used as an off-grid system,
  • or as back-up power for home appliances,
  • or use as a hybrid system where you can use solar panels as the main power source and keep the grid connected as a back-up power source.

Need a back-up to solar power?

Hook-up a diesel generator to keep batteries charged when the sun goes down.

Even better, if you have a grid connection, hook up the grid as secondary power and eliminate the cost and noise of a back-up generator!

Advanced features

Advanced features of Power Pak off-grid solar system block diagram

You also get state-of-the-art features:

  • monitoring of power level and consumption and reports
  • Remote connectivity and control
  • Turn your place into a smart home/cottage

Quick view of Microgreen products for off-grid homes and cottages

Image of Microgreen Power Pak complete off-grid solar system

Microgreen Power Pak GRANDE - off-grid solar integration box designed for homes
- off-grid solar integration box designed for cottages

260 watt solar panel

260 watt Solar Panels - Maximize Solar Return with Solartech Sapphire Modules

Microgreen Emergency back-up system

Microgreen EBS (emergency back-up system)
- A new generation back-up system to power your home during grid outages.

Microgreen Energy Pak lithium batteries - 6 kWh

Microgreen Energy Pak 6 kWh - Lithium battery system designed to provide homes or cottages with more energy storage at lower cost.

See the Power Pak in action

Installation of Microgreen Solar Panels on cottage roofs

Image of Microgreen solar panel installed on roof of cottage
Image of Microgreen solar panel installation
Image of Microgreen solar panel installed on roof

Installation of Microgreen Power Pak solar system integration box to go off-grid

Photo of a Power Pak off-grid system installed in a Greater Toronto Area cottage
Power Pak Version 2
Photo of a Power Pak off-grid system installed in a cottage in Ontario
Power Pak Version 3
Photo of a Power Pak off-grid system installed in Ontario
Power Pak Version 3

Installation of Microgreen Emergency Back-up system for cottages

Photo of an installed Microgreen emergency back up system inside a cottage