Affordable offgrid + grid-tie hybrid systems

Microgreen makes living off the grid a reality, with affordable off-grid systems for any need, and quality safety-approved products. We have years of expertise and service and a network of installers to help you with all of your solar needs

COMPLETE SOLAR KITS - Plug & Play Systems

Growatt off-grid complete solar kit from 3.5kw to 12kw.

Complete Off-grid Kits for your cabins, cottages and homes

The kits contain all the parts you need for going off-grid. Compact, easy to install and affordable. Available from 2kW to 12kW capacity.

Microgreen offers low cost off-grid solar power and storage system for home and cottage

The Most Versatile Portable Solar Power Station

For outdoor activities, home emergency backup and professionals. Provides a boost of power where power supply is inaccessible or unstable.


Growatt inverters

Growatt Solar Inverters

Available in a wide range of capacities in stackable configurations, with advanced features such as remote monitoring.
Inverters available for both Off-grid and On-grid (grid-tie).

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Pytes Lithium Batteries

PYTES Lithium Batteries

More powerful. More adaptable. More scalable. Smarter.
Able to connect and communicate with many brands of inverters such as Growatt, Luxpower, Victron

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Luxpower inverters

LuxPower Solar Inverters

The ultimate pick for Off-grid solutions, empowering energy independence. Tailored for remote regions and unstable power scenarios, enabling direct off-grid usage. Off-grid inverters or hybrid inverters available.

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Growatt off-grid complete solar kit from 3.5kw to 12kw.

High Efficiency Solar Panels

We provide all standard solar panels (Rigid, Portable, Semi-Flex and Very Flexible) with standard power ratings. We also provide customized solar panels to fit your requirements.

Microgreen offers low cost lithium batteries for off-grid solar power and storage system for home and cottage

Powerful and Scalable Lithium batteries

Microgreen provides a range of batteries that can connect with many brands of inverters suchs as Growatt, LuxPower, and Victron.

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