Pytes V5° Lithium Battery

Pytes V5 Advanced Lithium battery

More Powerful. Smarter. More Adaptable. More Scalable.

Pytes V5° UL9540A is a superior lithium (LFP) battery featuring:

  • the ability to connect/communicate with many brands of inverters such as Growatt, Luxpower, Victron
  • all the advantages of lithium: high capacity, quick charging, long life, high energy density
  • advanced features such as
    • remote monitoring and control
    • Wider operation temperature for the Canadian climate
    • Greater scalability

It is UL certified (UL1973, UL9540A, UL9540, and CEC)

Types of battery enclosures
Real-time monitoring

Product Features

  • Higher charge/discharge rate
  • Wider operation temperature
  • Higher energy density
  • Greate scalability
  • Remote monitoring and upgrading

Tech Specs

tech specs
PDF downloads Pytes V5° Tech Specs


PDF downloads Pytes v5° data sheet

PDF downloads Pytes battery brochure