A New Generation Back-up System!

  • This new generation back-up system can be a back-up system or by a flick of a switch become a complete off-grid system for the home.
  • It comes pre-assembled and tested with all the appropriate components and wiring needed for a back-up system making it an easy setup for the DIY'er.
Emergency Back-Up System Solar Solution


  • The EBS provides a back up system for up to 4 circuits in your home. No need for an expensive, fuel consuming, noisy device for back up. Back up essential items during a black out.
  • Wire up to 4 circuits from the electrical panel to the EBS and it provides the power to these devices as long as there is hydro, similar to a UPS. When the power goes down the EBS switches to battery power to keep these essential items operating.
  • Essential items such as your refrigerator, furnace fan, freezer, lights and if needed a water pump or sump pump.

  • Worldwide Remote Access, ( loT ) :
    • Download the app to your phone. This app will allow you to verify the status of your EBS system.
    • When the grid goes down, the app will call your phone and provide a status update that the home is operating on back up power. This app will allow the user to program two AC circuits from the phone to turn off or on as required.
      For example, turn off the fridge and furnace fan for extended periods of time to lengthen your total back up time. Turn these devices back on and operate them for a 1/2 hour to warm up the house and cool down the fridge.

  • Batteries :
    • The size and type of the battery bank will depend on how much storage is required. For example, 4-6 volt at 400 amp/hr batteries will provide 10,000 watts of power, 50% is usable. Alternatively, two 12 volt at 120 amp/hr batteries will provide 5,000 watts of power, 50% is usable.
    • Each of the above configurations are considered a group. The EBS can only handle up to 5 groups of batteries, because of the charging cycle. Each system is sold with the appropriate amount of batteries, once the loads are considered, and how long you wish to have the back up.

  • Power Management:
    • When operating on back-up power, you can manage your power and length of time on battery power, by switching off the breakers for the fridge and furnace, as they do not need to operate all the time. Turn the breakers back on every 4 hours for 20 minute intervals, as needed.
    • Dimension: 484mm x 328mm x 192mm Weigth: 26 kg

Features Details
Inverter 3 Kw sine wave at 24 Volts
Batteries 2-AGM 12 Volt 108 amp-hr rated
DC fuse 300 amp
AC breakers 35 amp input and 35 amp output
AC output 4 separate receptacles rated at 20 amps each