Backup Pak emergency power for home & cottage
When the grid goes down, DON'T fear the blackout!

One of the first uninterruptible systems designed for an entire cottage or home.

The Backup Pak provides all the components in a single box (along with the included batteries) to keep your critical circuits running during a blackout.

The Backup Pak:

  • eliminates the need for diesel generator, providing power from included batteries that charge while the grid is up.
  • installs quickly and easily.
  • automatically switches over to backup when the grid goes down, for up to 4 circuits in your home or cottage.
  • notifies you wherever you are when the grid goes down, with the optional remote notification and control feature.

Find out how the Backup Pak can save you money

Backup Pak provides emergency power for home and cottage
block diagram showing how the Backup Pak emergency power for home and cottage works.


  • Uninterruptible Power in a Single Box
    The Backup Pak is one of the first products that can operate like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for a cottage or home! Provide backup power for your appliances and critical devices with a single box. It includes batteries to start your system.
  • Saves Money and Time
    The Backup Pak charges the batteries while the grid is up, saving you the expenses of a costly and noisy diesel generator. Installation is extremely simple, saving you time and cost of connecting separate components. It comes pre-assembled and tested with all the necessary components and wiring, making it an easy setup for the DIY'er. Wire the Backup Pak into your electrical box and you are ready to go!
  • Automatic Switchover to backup power
    The Backup Pak supports up to 4 circuits that will automatically switch over to the back-up battery power when the grid goes down. This keeps your essential appliances and lights running.
  • Power Management Capability
    The output AC circuits have breakers to manage power consumption by switching them on and off periodically. For the fridge and furnace, turn ON the breakers every 4 hours for 20 minutes. This will extend the overall operating time of the battery storage.
  • Expandable Capacity
    Additional batteries can be added to increase the energy capacity of the system.


  • All components assembled in a single box, safe to handle, ESA certified
    Inverter, AC monitor, circuit protection, and connectors are integrated into a single box, saving cost of obtaining separate components and integrating them.
  • Automatic switchover to back-up power for 4 circuits
    Supports up to 4 circuits with breakers that will switch over, and can be separately enabled/disabled.
  • Batteries
    Comes with either AGM batteries (two 12 volt, 100 AH) or Lithium battery (one 24 volt, 240 AH).
  • Expandable capacity
    Capacity can be extended for bigger energy usages by adding additional batteries.

Backup Pak product specifications summary
INVERTER POWER RATING 3 kW pure sine wave at 12 V
AC OUTPUT 14 separate receptacles rated at 15 amps each
AC BREAKERS 35 amp input, 35 amp output
BATTERIES Either two AGM 12-Volt batteries, 100 AH
Or one lithium 12 -volt, 240 AH
DC FUSE 300 amp
DIMENSIONS 484 mm x 328 mm x 192 mm
WEIGHT 26 kg
WARRANTY 2 years