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54 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 103,
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Store Hours:

Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat & Sun: closed


Our Store

Easy Access + Variety of Products

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, an easy access point for most Torontonians
to shop for Off-Grid products or a solar system.

We invite you to come and see + touch the products you are interested in.

We carry a variety of Off-Grid products, solar panels and misc. items.

If it is not in our store, we can source it for you.

We Design + Install A Solar System Tailored To Your Needs

Visit our team and see how easily we can turn your power source into
your very own! No matter where you want it!

We design your system and assemble it in our warehouse.
We make DIY starter kits for the handy cottager or we can install it for you.

Give us a call at   +1-647-547-8822

Our Back-Up System Costs Less + Is Quieter

We have back-up systems for home owners.

Why buy and maintain an auto start generator, when you can have an electronic equivalent
without all the maintenance cost and aggravation of fuelling it or the noise.

Our back up system costs less than a generator and is quiet.

You don’t even realize you have switched to back up power.