Starter Kits
Easy Installation

How-to Install:

  • Hang the board on the wall.
  • Connect the batteries to the two battery leads coming out off the inverter.
  • Then bring the solar panel wires to the kit and connect them.
  • You now have an operating Off-Grid system.

The Microgreen Starter Kit includes the following:

Starting from the left

  • The red switch is to disconnect the batteries from the inverter, second is the battery fuse.
  • The big black box is the inverter.
  • The grey box in the middle is the solar charge control.
  • The grey box on the left, is the breaker box for the charge controller.
  • The two grey boxes on the right are the AC input and AC output disconnect and fused.
  • The black box in the front middle is the charge controller remote.

The Inverter

  • On the display there are a series of LEDs which give you the status of what is happening with the inverter.
    • Green only LED is normal.
    • The yellow LED is for when the batteries are being charged by the hydro not the solar panels.
  • The inverter converts the DC battery voltage into usable AC voltage for the house.
  • All things will operate normally on its own.
  • The inverter will switch back and forth between solar charging and hydro charging depending upon the amount of load and the sunny weather.
  • There are two white wires coming out of the right side of the inverter.
  • These are the AC input and the AC output wires.
  • The AC output goes to your new electrical panel to feed the protected circuits.
  • The AC input comes from your generator, to charge the batteries as required.

The Charge Controller

  • This unit will sense the battery voltage level and call for power from the panels when the batteries start to deplete. The controller will provide power to the batteries as long as it is light out and they need topping up.
  • The controller is designed to only provide what is needed as required.
  • This will protect the batteries from being over charged.
  • There is a display for the controller.
  • If you push the select button, the display will come on.
  • The display will show 4 values.
  • The tiny led dot beside each value shows what reading is displayed.
  • You have, panel array voltage, panel array power at that moment, then battery voltage and finally the amount of amps being delivered to the batteries.
  • If you multiply the battery voltage by the amps, you will get the amount of watts being produced by the panels at that time.

The Grey Breaker Box

  • This box houses two breakers.
  • They are for servicing and protection.
  • The single breaker is for the power coming from the panels going to the controller.
  • The double breaker is for the power coming out of the controller to the batteries.
  • The voltage coming from the panels is higher than the battery voltage.
  • Therefore the controller has to step the voltage down to the battery voltage level.
  • This means the current will go up.
  • This is why the double breaker is a greater size then the incoming breaker.