Portable Solar Panel

High Efficiency Folding PV Module

Portable Solar Panel
Portable Solar Panel Opened

Technical Specs

Electrical Characteristics
Product Code SGM-2F-200W
Maximum power(Pmax) 2X100W
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp) 17.6
Current at Pmax(Imp) 11.43
Open-circuit voltage(Voc) 21.1
Short -circuit current(Isc) 12.34
Cells Efficiency(%) 17.26%
The maximum system voltage 1000VDC(IEC)
Output power tolerance ±3%
Cells Germany A grade solarwarld solar cell
No.of cells and connections 36(4X9)
Module dimension 670*1005*35mm
Weight 22.28 KG
Certificat ion CE,RoHS,ISO


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