You can rely on our many years of experience in the field of custom solar system designs made to fit anywhere from homes, cottages, farms, boats and more!

  • We can size starter kits of any caliber as per client requests
  • After a professional analysis of your specific needs a system is designed to fit your purpose with exact functionality and efficiency!
  • We take care of all the details from inverter placement, charge controller, DC disconnect and battery cables all wired onto your new board.
  • All you need to do is simply hang the completed board on a wall, connect your new battery cables and you've gone solar! With the wires connected from the mounted panels to the board and you're off-grid and self sufficient for power!
  • DIY kits are also available and will allow you not only the self satisfaction of intalling your own off-grid system but also substantially lowering intallation costs all while our team of experts remain at your service with helpful advice and info!
  • Choose our friendly and knowledgable team of solar experts to turn your off-grid experience into one you will be telling all your friends about! Self reliance is true power and the sun's power is free so get in on the benefits of off-grid solar today!

 Email us or visit our Customer Service Center in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We would be happy to assist you in designing your system

Load Evaluation

Based on your electrical power usage, we can calculate your electrical load and determine a system that best fits your needs.

Customers testimonials

Microgreen's service is expert, personal, and top-notch in every way. Whether you are a cottager looking for a simple way to get solar power running (like my parents), or a hobbyist looking to learn while setting up your own system (like me), they are amazing at helping you out. Peter makes sure that you understand the benefits, costs, and limitations of what you're buying, and will help you build the perfect system without upselling.

We purchased the PowerPak, batteries, solar panels, and cables from Microgreen, then installed it ourselves. It's been up and running for more than a year now and performing great! We got remote installation support and lots of technical advice included - it made us feel very secure through the whole process. Microgreen's prices are also the best I've seen around, so I really can't recommend them enough.
- Paul Furbacher
Parry Sound, Ontario
What a customer is saying about Microgreen's expertise and support

A customer testimonial on Microgreen complete offgrid power system recommended for their 1500 sq ft cottage

Paul Furbacher, a DIYer, bought and installed an off-grid system from Microgreen: Solar panels, Batteries, and Power Pak.

I converted a Ford Transit into a motorhome in 2018 and had Microgreen handle all of my solar system needs. I have now been successfully on the road and off-grid for 2 years! From Ontario to BC, BC to Southern California, the system has performed as expected through many different weather situations.

Microgreen has always been very patient in explaining the workings of all of the components to ensure that I have a solid understanding of the system. They have absolutely stood behind their product and their word. A huge thanks to Peter and Davy over at Microgreen for their amazing work. I highly recommend them!
- Tara C.

what customer say about Microgreen solar panels installed on the roof of his cabin

Solar panels installed on the roof of Tara's Ford Transit vehicle

What customer say about Microgreen solar batteries installed inside his vehicle

Batteries installed inside Tara's Ford Transit vehicle

A customer testimonial for an offgrid power system custom designed specifically for his vehicle

An off-grid power system designed specifically for Tara's Ford Transit vehicle