Microgreen EB120 Portable Solar Power Generator

  • High Capacity Portable Li-ion battery
  • Strong energy storage ability, 1.5 times of other lithium batteries
  • High energy density 1200Wh Li-ion battery, safer than normal li-on battery
  • 3 way output, 3 way input: 2000W AC Output, 110W DC Output, 15W USB Output
  • 3 ways to charge this portable battery:
    • Charge by Adaptor from Home Outlet
    • Charge by Car on the road
    • Charge by Solar when outdoor
  • High-Security
  • System Control: Automatic turn off when fully charging
EB120 Portable Solar Power Generator
It can be charged by either DC or Solar Panel, and it can provides AC, DC and USB output to power a wide range of appliances and devices as shown by the block diagram.

What Can Be Powered?

This generator is a small family portable energy storage system. The clean and environmentally friendly solar energy is stored in the battery. It is used for a short time, such as:

  • lighting,
  • computer,
  • small power household appliances,
  • in the case of power outage or outdoor.

The generator has the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, and convenient operation.

The generator integrates solar charge controller, system controller, inverter, lithium battery, DC 12V, 5V-USB, TYPE C-PD and battery management system

Product Specifications

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