EP Solar PWM Solar Charge Controllers

LandStar Series

  • LandStar series is a NEW generation programmable solar charge controller
  • Adopts aluminum heat sink which enables reliability in high temperature environments
  • Connects to a remote meter or PC for real-time monitoring, custom setting and control, etc.
  • More powerful function via MT50 or PC
  • Electronic protections

PWM Charge Controller

Applications - It can be widely used in:

  • Solar home system
  • Solar lighting system
  • Solar road signals
  • Solar surveillance
  • Solar RVs and boats
  • Small solar power station


  • 3 system voltage configuration: 12V, 24V, or 12V/24V auto work
  • High efficiency PWM charging with temperature compensation
  • 3 LEDs shows PV charging, battery and load status
  • External temperature sensor interface
  • RS-485 bus communication
  • Open Standard Modbus communication protocol
  • Software update function
  • Learn more (pdf)

More powerful function via MT50 or PC

  • Diversified load control modes: Manual, Light ON/OFF, light ON+ Timer, Time Control
  • Battery type option: Gel, sealed, flooded and USER
  • Real-time monitor
  • Programmable parameters
  • LVC or SOC load disconnect function
  • Energy statistics function

Electronic protections

  • PV short circuit, PV reverse polarity
  • Battery overcharge, Battery over discharge, Battery reverse polarity
  • Load short circuit, Load overload
  • Overheating

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Technical Specifications
Model LS1024B LS2024B LS3024B
Nominal system voltage 12/24V auto work
Rated battery current 10A 20A 30A
Rated load current 10A 20A 30A
Maximum Battery voltage 50V
Grounding Common positive
Self-consumption 8.4mA(12V), 7.8mA(24V)
Temp. compensation -3mV/degree celcius/2V (25 degree celcius ref)
Equalize charging voltage Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V, User-defined: 9~17V
Boost charging voltage Gel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.4V, Flooded: 14.6V, User-defined 9~17V
Float charging voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded: 13.8V, User-defined 9~17V
Low voltage reconnect voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded: 12.6V, User-defined 9~17V
Low voltage disconnect voltage Gel/Sealed/Flooded: 11.1V, User-defined 9~17V
Dimension Specifications
Model LS1024B LS2024B LS3024B
Dimension 138.6 x 69.3 x 37 mm 159.6 x 81.4 x 47.8 mm 200.6 x 101.3 x 57 mm
Mounting holes 126 mm 147 x 50 mm 190 x 70 mm
Terminal 4 sq mm 10 sq mm 10 sq mm
Net weight 0.13 kg 0.3 kg 0.5 kg
Environmental Specification
Model LS1024B LS2024B LS3024B
Working temp -35 degrees celcius ~ + 55 degrees celcius
Storage temp -35 degrees celcius ~ + 80 degrees celcius
Humidity = or < 95% (NC)
Enclosure IP30