Sealing Element for Power & Telecom Cables

Our customers include:

  • Deustche Telekom
  • France Telecom
  • China Southern Power Grid

Portable Solar Panel


  • 20 years product life time in ducts
  • Provide air tight and water tight sealing to ducts
  • Prevent water leakage into duct and give protection to cables
  • Helium leakage under 10-7 mBar L/s
  • Suitable for 8mm- 120mm diameter cables
  • Materials are RoHS compliance
  • Customize size of producer to fit customer application


  • Used for pressurized water tight sealing of ducts or cable conduits
  • Used for power grid cables, optical fiber cables, electrical cables
  • Seal multi-function ducts and cable conduits in manholes
  • Sustain over 8.08 Bar pressure
Duct & Cable Sealing

Installation Steps

Duct Seal Installation Steps

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