Growatt partners with Microgreen to expand market reach in Canada

Growatt partners with Microgreen to expand market reach in Canada

MARKHAM, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 16, 2021  |  GLOBE NEWSWIRE

Growatt, the world’s No.1 residential inverter supplier has announced a new partnership with Microgreen Solar of Markham, Ontario to expand its market reach in Canada.

In recent years, Growatt has grown its business footprint and increased its investments in the Americas with new service centers established and local service teams expanded in the US and Latin America. The company has been honored with multiple “Top Brand PV Inverters” awards by EUPD Research for its outstanding performance and leading position in terms of reliability, market penetration, brand awareness and satisfaction.

After a great year expanding our business in the US, now is the time for us to broaden our distribution channels in North America to enable more customers to access our reliable, intelligent and powerful solar energy storage solutions, - said Felix Fang, General Manager, Americas at Growatt. "By partnering with Microgreen, Growatt will be able to deliver products and solutions to Canadian customers through its strong distribution network. Together, we’ll make going solar easier."

Dedicated to innovation and excellence, Growatt has developed a new generation of grid-tie hybrid inverters MIN XH-US series 3.0-11.4kW, reliable SPH series 3.0-6.0kW hybrid inverters and off-grid inverters SPF series 3.0-12.0kW that feature sleek design, battery and solar connectivity and smart functionality. The product line covers single-phase 120V and 240V, split-phase 120/240V and three-phase load applications, designed to meet the needs of Canadian customers from small cabin owners to big homes needing high-power residential solar systems.

In addition, Growatt will introduce high-voltage ARO lithium batteries 6.6kWh -19.8kWh and 48V AXE lithium batteries 5.0kWh-50.0kWh into the Canadian market. All these batteries use cobalt-free Lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) materials for improved safety, giving customers peace of mind. Many of Growatt’s products are modular and stackable for flexible system architecture and down-the-road expandability.

Adding the Growatt product line to Microgreen’s products and full solar kits deepens our product offering and brings us into the grid-tie market at a time when government incentives are accelerating solar+storage uptake across Canada. We are excited to bring our customers a wider selection of products at a time of increasing consumer demand, - commented Lewis Reford, Chairman of Microgreen.

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About Growatt

IHS Markit ranks Growatt as No.1 supplier of residential inverters in the world.

Growatt is now the No.1 supplier of residential inverters, taking 16.6% of the market share in 2020 according to IHS Markit’s latest PV Inverter Market Tracker report. The company also ranks among the world’s top 5 suppliers of three-phase string inverters for commercial and industrial projects.

Growatt is global leader of PV industry

Over the years, the company has built an extensive service network with 20 offices around the world to provide efficient local support for customers.

Product and technology innovation is the key to Growatt’s success according to Zhang. The company’s R&D team has brought sleek and compact design as well as smart, safe and reliable functionalities to its X inverter series. The new generation inverters are popular among installers by being lightweight, easy to install and integrating a remote monitoring function that reduces O&M costs.