Back-Up System
This system is quieter and less expensive than a generator

The Microgreen Back-up System is like an uninterruptable power supply. It is easily installed by the home owner. We do recommend an electrician to do this operation. You have the ability to connect up to 6 specific electrical circuits from your electrical panel to our back up system.

With this system you can keep your furnace fan, sump pump, water pump plus refrigerator, lighting or TV running during a blackout. With this system there is no need for a fuel type generator, meaning no maintenance, no noise or fuel required.

If you have a sump pump in your house, insurance companies require you to have a backup system. Why spend money on a dedicated sump pump back up system, when for a few more dollars you can protect the house. This system is quieter and less expensive than a generator.

How-to Install:

  • Install the Power Pac system on the wall near your electrical panel.
  • Install and connect the batteries to the Power Pac.
  • Wire the output of the power Pac to the distribution box ( distance is not crucial).
  • Then wire from your electrical panel your specific protected circuits, to the distribution box.
  • Connect the batteries and turn on the power pac.
  • The power pac will provide power to your circuits normally and switch to battery power when you have a blackout.
  • This unit will work as long as there is battery power.

We can discuss with you, your load and how long you wish to operate during a power outage. This will allow us to determine how many batteries you will need.

Back-Up System

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